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News 54

Improving Driver Efficiency and Concentration during Endurance Racing: Team BRIT Workshop by L&M Consulting Ltd

Anything can happen at any time in endurance racing; this is primarily due to the plethora of scenarios that appear to be out of a team's control. Following their observation of Team BRIT at the Silverstone 24 hour race (2nd - 3rd April 2016), L&M Consulting Ltd., designed and recently delivered a workshop to improve driver efficiency and concentration during endurance racing. The aim of this workshop was to introduce the need to 'control the controllables', i.e., those factors that impinge on the team members' ability to perform optimally, and to encourage discussion across the team as to how such control could be developed within their team culture. L&M's experience suggests that it is typical for such preparation and factors to be overlooked, or considered, but with their proper application left to chance. Consequently, the introduction of this culture is seen to provide a competitive edge that is particularly pertinent for endurance events as it minimises fatigue-associated mistakes (especially during the witching hours), whilst exploiting the fatigue of other teams.

L&M's workshop introduced the need to develop effective practice throughout four, crucial preparatory phases:

on-going training pre-event preparation (preparation prior to leaving for the event, up to the race day) pre-race routine (race day preparation) race rotation routine (in between driving rotations).

Members of Team BRIT were then encouraged to consider the hard and fast realities of endurance racing, and how the drivers, engineers, and other support staff could work together to balance team priorities and individual performance needs. This led to the development of numerous practical strategies that promote the effective use of resources, and consideration of how these could be implemented into Team BRIT's training and competition cultures. L&M will continue to support Team BRIT in the development and revision of these strategies to ensure that Team BRIT are best placed to succeed in their mission to race at Le Mans.

Workshops such as this are applicable across business and sporting teams and organisations, for more information contact enquiries@landmconsulting.co.uk or visit www.landmconsulting.co.uk

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News 53


Another fantastic coaching session from Sam Maher-Loughnan.

These likes are making massive amounts of progress.

Sam is extremely impressed with the way they follow his instructions to the letter and absorb everything he says.

Check out the video made by Darren Cook from Scruffy Bear Pictures, who's filming the Team BRIT documentary.

View the Video HERE

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News 52

MON 27th JUNE 2016

The lads first coaching session after successfully passing their ARDS test last week.

It was a huge pleasure to watch precision racing driver and coach, Sam Maher-Loughnan, put the lads through their paces.

Sam's no-nonsense approach perfectly suits the lad's military way of communicating and learning - he tells them exactly what to do and they do it exactly!

The lads have two more coaching sessions this month - next one at Croft and then off to Rockingham.

The progress these 3 lads are making is all down to their amazingly positive attitude, determination and eagerness to achieve.


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