Determination and Drive - what makes Team BRIT special to sponsors

Ed Cowell, the CEO of Fraikin, a Team BRIT sponsor, tells us why the ethos of the team resonates so well with their organisation.

It’s been a genuine thrill to get involved with the Team BRIT project, both on a professional and personal level.  Having served in the Army the initiative obviously resonates with me and it’s great to see how racing has given these guys a new lease of life – it’s incredibly inspiring.

Professionally, Team BRIT echo the values we hold dear at Fraikin – that dedication, determination and drive can get you a very long way in this world. It’s these beliefs that cemented our decision to get involved with the team and become a sponsor. This is a project that has seemingly set the bar impossibly high, but by meeting the challenge head-on it’s clear to me that we’ll one day be cheering them across the line at Le Mans.

The team’s ambition and commitment to achieving such an impressive goal is something that we want to try and reflect in our everyday approach to business here at Fraikin. We’ve really encouraged our staff to get involved, to visit the races with friends and family and to invest some time in learning about the challenge Team BRIT has set itself.

As a commercial vehicle fleet solutions provider, Fraikin has also done what it can to provide vehicles to Team BRIT to help their transport requirements. On top of that, one of our employees, Dave Archer, has even become the team’s official photographer! So it’s fair to say we’re really getting involved.

There’s obviously a long way to go before the team is lining up on the grid at Le Mans, but it’s been encouraging to see both cars being competitive in the first three races of the Fun Cup season, at least when they’ve been out on the track. The unfortunate breakdowns are part and parcel of motorsport at every level – but the cars are generally running well and the team is obviously pushing themselves to the limit. It’s great to see.

We’re excited to watch how the season unfolds and will be keeping a close eye on the results. There’s no doubt in my mind they’ll be on the podium sooner rather than later!

For further information visit  www.fraikin.co.uk.

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