Jimmy's road to recovery - 'The race before the race'

Team BRIT driver Jimmy Hill has been out of the driver’s seat in recent months as he has undergone essential surgery on his injured leg.  Here he updates us on his recovery and his hopes for a return to racing at Oulton Park.

“I have to say, when I was given a confirmed date for surgery in July, I was disappointed to know I was going through it all again, but relieved at the same time. The disappointment was rooted in the knowledge that I knew it would conflict with the Fun Cup championship and the team’s coaching program.

After the operation at the end of July, I was told it didn’t go to plan and that we need to go back to the drawing board.  This was because the bone that was re-attached back on to my hip has now been moved by the metal work holding it together. This was always going to be a calculated risk, but one I was happy to take.  Of course I was a little disappointed as it meant more time under the knife where no one wants to be.

6 weeks after the second round of surgery and I’m based at Headley Court rehabilitation centre, to start my race back to full fitness.  Just being able to jump or ‘hobble’ back in to the car again feels great. One of the most rewarding things I look forward to after surgery is regaining my mobility and independence without the need for walking sticks.

I have to admit that in only my first week at the centre I’m exhausted!  My body screams for the sofa because every muscle in my body is aching after only looking at the exercise equipment again. This exhaustion means I’ve been sleeping as though Iron Mike has hit me with a haymaker……KO!

Unfortunately I have to keep the crutches for another 3 weeks which has probably been the hardest part of having surgery.  Trying to carry a cup of tea on crutches should be introduced as an Olympic sport….epic!

I know I will be battling the clock to make the race at Oulton Park but I’m very confident that I will be there. Oulton Park is a great track with fantastic parkland views, challenging corners and exhilarating straights. The track offers difficult yet incredibly rewarding driving and one that I felt gave me the confidence I needed in racing. It has definitely given me the belief that I can drive with the very best of them in this year’s Fun Cup Series.

My path to recovery will take many tools, long days and nights, and much support. I will always have a positive frame of mind because I know nothing lasts forever and by taking small steps I know I will recover stronger, fitter and ready to be challenged once again. The spirit of the bulldog is strong.

We all know recovery is a hard and complex journey, with mental and physical challenges to overcome, but it’s the people around us that are key to helping us come out the other side and move forward and I’m surrounded by the best people I could ask for.

Sometimes we have to deal with our disability, the trauma, the re-learning and the months of rehabilitation to uncover our true abilities and to learn how we can put them to use in ways we would not have imaged before.

Remember ‘Small steps are still small steps’.

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