Setting goals and achieving them - Warren McKinlay reflects on his time with Team BRIT

As I prepare for my first 'twice around the clock' race, in the world's longest endurance race, the Fun Cup 25hrs, held at the beautiful Spa Francorchamps, Ii dawned on me just how much I've accomplished in a short period of time. These accomplishments both on and off the track, are all a result of being a member of Team BRIT.

Around 18 months ago, things were very different for me. Life was much more of a struggle.

Having sustained a brain injury in 2005, one of the long lasting impacts it had on my daily life was leaving me with hardly any emotional control. This was due to the fact that the area my brain was damaged was the frontal lobe. The part of your brain that controls your emotions and maintain a stable mood. 

Instant flashes of rage would rise up from nothing. I could go from happy, to a red hot sweaty rage without any notice at all. This made living a "normal" life quite difficult for me, as I was always anxious that I would have one of these bursts of anger. Which in turn caused me a high level of anxiety and also depression. 

To combat these feelings, I quite often reached out for alcohol. In an attempt to release myself from this crazy cycle of psychological warfare going on within my own head. The drinking became more and more regular, and was only making the situation worse. In effect adding fuel to my internal fire, on a path of self destruction. 

I was fortunate enough to be invited to join Team BRIT, after spending a year participating in endurance kart races with KartForce. 

Joining this team, was the slap round the face I desperately needed. It wasn't an instant cure, my mental and emotional stabilities are still very much a work in progress.  But it gave me the initial pull, to help me start to climb out of the big dark hole I'd dig for myself. 

As a member of Team BRIT and being part of the journey to Le Mans 2020. I have a new focus and purpose in life, others that rely on me and even people who look up to me. I am learning new skills away from the track, like how to approach sponsors and how to look after sponsors that you're lucky enough to find and sign with. 

I find all aspects of motorsport interesting, but being with this team, achieving what we're achieving; is the most exciting part for me.

We are about to hit the first milestone on our journey to Le Mans 2020. Racing in the Spa 25hrs

Setting goals and working hard to achieve them, no matter what life puts in the way. Is the single most satisfying and best cure for my disability. 


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