Alive to drive – L&M Consulting starts for support for injured soldiers' Le Mans dream

Hampshire-based business and sports performance psychologists, L&M Consulting Limited, recently ran a Driver Performance workshop for Team BRIT. The workshop led by L&M Consulting Ltd.'s Director, Dr Caroline Marlow, introduced the current and rookie drivers to the need to optimise their capacity to drive under subconscious control if they are to respond successfully to the high speed demands of motor racing. Most importantly, that high levels of confidence and relaxed concentration are necessary if the drivers are to trust their driving skills and to make correct, quick decisions when faced with unexpected, and potentially dangerous, situations. The aim of the workshop was to help the drivers identify relevant experiences from their past, and to adapt their existing coping strategies to the motor sport environment. Following their recent observation of Team Brit's first 24 hour endurance race at Silverstone, L&M Consulting Ltd., has also developed a programme to help the drivers cope with the fatigue and demands of race day by improving their efficiency and concentration. As technology partner with Team Brit, L&M Consulting Ltd., will continue to support Team Brit to achieve their dream of competing at Le Mans. Dr Marlow will provide further workshops, mentoring and on-site support to enable each driver to develop a personalised psychological performance plan. Fellow Director, Paul Logan, will use his expertise of leading high-performing teams under high-pressure situations to further promote a high-performance culture. For further information, please contact Dr Caroline Marlow, C.Psychol., AFBPsS, HCPC Registered, Director L&M Consulting Ltd at caroline@landmconsulting.co.uk www.landmconsulting.co.uk

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