Inspirational family business launches range of Team BRIT merchandise

Team BRIT is proud to launch a new range of branded gifts designed by a family-run graphics team.

From today, Team BRIT fans can get their hands on a range of branded items including mugs, stickers and posters, that have been artistically created by BTCC Blueprints.

Turning his hobby for drawing British Touring Cars into a profession ten years ago, Lee started BTCC Blueprints and was immediately met with huge support for his designs on social media.

A few years later he met his partner, Samantha and together they launched a website and online shop. Operating from bases in Essex and Hertfordshire, the company is now firmly established as the UK’s leading merchandiser (non-clothing) for the British Touring Car Championship.

Team BRIT, which is on a mission to become the first all-disabled racing team to compete at the Le Mans 24-hour race, has now commissioned new mugs, stickers and posters from the dynamic team.

In 2018, Lee, who suffers from Benign Intracranial Hypertension and Samantha who suffers from moderate to severe hearing loss, combined their graphic design skills with the business knowledge of Samantha’s Dad, Mark and began taking their products to British Touring Car events. 

The response of the first test events was so overwhelming they attended all ten BTCC race weekends in the 2019 season and haven’t looked back since. 

Team BRIT founder, Dave Player said: “I have known of the BTCC Blueprints team for some time thanks to their fantastic reputation throughout the racing industry.  When Mark got in touch to see if we could work together, I jumped at the chance.  Not only is this a great way for our fans and community to support our team and take home a piece of Team BRIT, it’s also great to work with another talented business being run by people with disabilities.”

Mark Wagstaff of BTCC Blueprints said: “I’d had an eye on Team BRIT for some time and understand how tough it is to get noticed in a hugely competitive and expensive motorsport industry. I felt that offering Team BRIT a branded merchandise range and exposure through our new website to a worldwide motor racing fanbase, would not only help raise the team’s profile, but also provide them an additional income stream.” 

All items are now available to order here 

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