Jimmy set to miss Snetterton race after essential surgery

Serving marine and Team BRIT driver Jimmy Hill is sadly announcing that he will be missing the team's next race due to essential surgery.


Marines Corporal Jimmy was injured on tour in Afghanistan in 2013. His unit came under fire and he was hit seven times by machine gun fire, receiving five shots in the legs resulting in a fractured femur, damaged calf and damaged sciatic nerve. He has received ongoing rehabilitation support at Headley Court and has made a good recovery, but has a semi-paralysed ‘dropped’ foot.


Having been shot from only a couple of feet away the significant damage caused to his hip meant he would need future surgery.  He has managed this issue with pain relief medication to date, but surgery was now required to have a section of ‘floating bone’ reattached to the femur in his right leg.


Jimmy had the surgery, his 11th major operation to date, on Friday 28th July at London’s Kings College Hospital and is recovering well.  He has to spend the next 11 weeks ‘non weight bearing’ on his right leg so will miss the team’s races at Snetterton and Anglesey. He hopes to attend both as a spectator to support his team mates.


Jimmy says, “I’ve been through surgery so many times that the operation itself has been easy to deal with.  I know the doctors and nurses looking after me are fantastic, the frustrating part is the recovery process which will have me on crutches for three months.


“I know I need to recover well – this is to make sure the metal work and bone graft unite in my hip.  When this works, I’ll be able to drive pain free which will make such a difference.  Previously, the pressure on my hip and leg joints as I took corners in the car could be quite painful. I’m 100% committed to the team and want to constantly improve as a driver so I know this operation was needed to help me progress.


“As frustrating as it is, I hope this also shows other disabled drivers that although challenges will continue along the way, we can deal with these, move on, and continue to race.”

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