PhD study

THE BENEFITS OF COMPETITIVE RACING ON INJURED TROOPS By NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY Following on from the Clinical Study we commissioned in 2014, we are very proud to announce that a 3 year PhD has just started. Dr Nigel Hunt, Associate Professor in the School of Medicine at Nottingham University will be overseeing this study. Danai Serfioti is a PhD researcher in Applied Psychology at The University of Nottingham. She has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Occupational Psychology. She is also an MBPsS and RQTU member of The British Psychological Society. The aim is to explore the impact that competitive motorsports has on veterans’ well-being, rehabilitation, active coping skills and their ability to resolve the challenges of transition and dealing with the memories of their experiences. We are looking for sponsors for this project so if you are interested in being associated with this project, drop us an email – info@teambrit.co.uk More info on the Clinical Study for 2014 and the PhD Study here. http://teambrit.co.uk/phdstudy

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