Team BRIT helps global business drive forward inclusion goals

Team BRIT is supporting global corporate drives towards equality and inclusion through the sharing of its drivers’ stories.

The all-disabled team is a leader in the push towards inclusivity, and has started work to offer businesses and organisations the chance to hear insights, learning and personal perspectives from its drivers.

Each of the team’s drivers live with physical or psychological disabilities and have faced personal and professional challenges when it comes to working life.

Last month, two of the drivers discussed these challenges, along with their personal stories, with more than 900 employees of a leading global insurance provider. 

The online session was part of its ‘EnAble’ agenda, which sits within the employee engagement area of its commitment to diversity.  Enable is one of five strands within this and aims to recognise all abilities, visible and invisible, making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to be successful.

The presentation was moderated by Commercial Director Mike Scudamore and saw drivers Aaron Morgan and Bobby Trundley share the story of their own disability, their journey in motorsport and the challenges they have faced in the world of work.

Aaron, a computer specialist from Basingstoke, broke his back at the age of 15 in a motocross accident and was the youngest disabled person to achieve a ‘national B’ race licence.  He joined Team BRIT in 2019.  Bobby Trundley lives with severe autism and found racing to have a profound impact on the way he manages the condition – leading him to become a 5x karting champion and GT4 driver for Team BRIT.

Aaron has been influential in informing policies and procedures around disability in his own workplace, and Bobby was able to share the struggles he has faced in finding employment as a result of the barriers caused by autism.

Aaron explains, “It was great to spend time sharing our stories with employees from all over the world.  I think it’s really important for businesses that truly strive for inclusivity when it comes to disabled employees, to hear the perspectives of those involved.  

“Every person is unique, every disability or situation is different, but we have to learn from each other, and I hope that Bobby and I were able to help them move forward with this crucial part of business improvement.”

Anna Beninger, Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity: “Bobby and Aaron were just fantastic, and I’m deeply humbled by their courage in sharing their personal stories. 

“We’re committed to becoming the most inspiring company to work for; where all employees are treated with dignity and respect and individual differences are encouraged and valued. A key part of our strategy is ensuring we are inclusive of colleagues with disabilities, both visible and invisible. Team BRIT has been incredible in helping us to raise awareness on why it’s critical to recognize all abilities, understand the challenges people with disabilities face daily, and the role we all have to play in building an inclusive workplace culture that makes all employees feel valued and welcomed every day. Team BRIT was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we are excited for the next event we’re hosting with them in a few months. I highly recommend working with Team BRIT.”

To find out more about how Team BRIT can support your business’ equality and inclusion agenda, email harriet@teambrit.co.uk 

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