Traial run - new ARDS test for drivers with a disability

For the past few months we have been working with the MSA to help them design a new ARDS Test for disabled people. For us, the aim is to keep improving the system so any one with a disability can get into motorsport. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. First, there isn’t a car that has all the possible adaptations to suit all the different disabilities that drivers have that can be used for these tests. One of the many suggestions we put forward was that applicants with a disability use their own cars for the ARDS Test. This was something that was explored today as 3 Team BRIT rookies attended this trial ARDS Test at Silverstone today. Drivers need to prove they can escape from a race car within 10 secs. Another suggestion we made was that each time a disabled race driver races with a different car for the first time, they need to email a video of them escaping from the car. This is a simple and straightforward step that doesn’t involve any re-testing or similar. We wanted focus to be aimed at the driver’s ability on the track, which will vary enormously from person to person, regardless of whether they have a disability or not. Today’s trial was a huge success as it has highlighted important points that are going to be addressed and implemented. Drivers with a disability now have 2 options – sit this advanced ARDS Test or obtain 6 non-competition race signatures (hill climbs etc) and then sit an ARDS Test. We are really pleased to have been asked by the MSA to assist with this new ARDS Test – it underlines how our years of work in this field are being recognized. Britain again leads the way and sets a new standard for the rest of the world to follow in disability sport.

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