Warren McKinlay tells his story

The media interest in Warren’s story has been fantastic. On Thu 1st Dec The Mirror printed a 2 x double page spread with front page headline. The Sun featured a similar article, as did The Daily Starr. On top of the printed articles, the above national newspapers also printed the articles online. On Fri 2nd Dec Good Morning Britain interviewed Warren live on their show. But that’s not the end of the interest from the media. BBC and other radio stations with by interviewing Warren and several magazines will also be featuring Warren’s story. This demonstrates how we are able to offer our sponsors something very few other teams can offer – when was the last time a racing driver was front page news? However, the most positive and long term effect this media coverage provides is it helps Warren tell everyone about his “invisible injuries”. It helps Warren explain to the world what happened to him, thus educating people about brain injuries, and allows his to inspire other people with brain injuries that they too can achieve beyond their wildest expectations.

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